#Africhat – The Africa Travel Twitter Chat – every 3rd Wed. of the month

#Africhat is a monthly Twitter chat focused on a variety of topics about travel to and within Africa.

Topic – “Women in Africa”

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

  • 12:30 PM Eastern US Time
  • 4:30 PM GMT (Note: We go off of GMT, *not* London time!)
  • 5:30 PM West Africa Time, 6:30 PM Central Africa Time, 7:30 PM East Africa Time

[Check timeanddate.com’s Meeting Planner to find where it is in your location]

Format: 6 questions, one every 5 minutes. Use the #Africhat hashtag on every tweet to have the community see your responses.


Been to Africa    Ethan Gelber

Thanks to our hosts, past and present (just a selection below)!

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