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Been to Africa’s Mission:

To bridge the gap between perception and reality regarding life and travel in Africa.

Hi, my name is Roni Weiss. I created this project.

In May 2011, I worked with Africa Travel Association during their 36th Annual World Congress in Dakar, Senegal. Over the course of the conference, it was mentioned many times that there is a perception problem in Africa. Part of the reason is that people just don’t get a full picture of what’s happening miles and miles away.

The hope of this project is to bridge the gap between perception and reality regarding life and travel in Africa. The money that comes in from tourism and business will help Africa grow.

Not everything is perfect in Africa, but can you say it’s perfect where you live, either? Perhaps there’s more to the African picture than we’re aware. The Been to Africa project is a means for us to learn about it together.


P.S. If you or your organization/business is interested in being featured on the site, please e-mail us.

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  • Melissa

    Hey Roni,
    I’ve been on 2 cycling press tours in Africa, one in Egypt (May 2010), another in South Africa (May 2011). Perhaps I can offer some content that will enlighten folks about some of the most fascinating destinations on Earth? I’d also like to talk with you about who did your website. I need to redo mine & need help w/ getting it synced w/ social media.
    Let’s chat or email sometime (melissa@wordgeisha.com) sometime. Do you ever visit Amsterdam?

    • Hey Melissa,

      We’d love to have some of your content for the site.

      I’ll e-mail you separately regarding your own stuff.


  • Adventurouspirits

    It seems that Africa has found a way into your heart, I don’t think there is a person who has ever managed to go to Africa who does not Africa to touch their soul. There is no continent on earth which is as special as Africa. Having traveled through 29 countries in Africa, 78 countries of the world and been on all continents except the Antarctic. Africa Rules, that is where I feel the most alive!

    • We’d love if we could spread some of your stories on our site! Let us know.

      Do you have a blog, Flickr, etc.?

  • Roni – it sounds like you’re a just a “brother from a different mother” – keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! Just trying to help how I can.