March 16th #Africhat, the Seasons of Change

#Africhat – The Africa Travel Twitter Chat – every 3rd Wed. of the month

#Africhat is an opportunity for Africa-minded people to periodically converse about a variety of topics related to travel within the continent.


Birds of Paradise Flower in Autumn from South Africa.

As we enter the new seasons, either spring in the north, or fall in the south, we can expect change in the weather and more… not to mention, Africa is always evolving and changing as a destinaiton for travelers. This month we aim to discuss the “seasons of change.” We will ask the questions, you provide the answers, photos, stories, blog posts, and more…. Share your love for Africa through the monthly #Africhat.

Topic – “Seasons of Change”

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

** NOTICE ** the change thanks to Daylight Savings time in the States…. and remember we go off UTC time, so please adjust accordingly.

  • 12:30 AM Eastern US Time
  • 4:30 PM GMT (Note: We go off of GMT, *not* London time!)

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Format: 6 questions, one every 5 minutes. Use the #Africhat hashtag on every tweet to have the community see your responses.


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