Africa is Open for Business! – #Unite4WestAfrica

#Unite4WestAfrica / #U4WA Launches to Boost Tourism and Investment in the Majestic Yet Embattled Region

West Africa is a diverse group of multiple countries–each rich with its own history, language, culture and geography. But more recently the robust communities of the region have been grouped and branded with one word:


The Ebola crisis, which to date has affected Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia (just a few of the regions’ nations), has weakened West Africa’s tourism arrivals, foreign investment and economic growth. These setbacks could spell devastation for the region long after the Ebola crisis has ended. To combat these issues, West Africa Discovery, Overlanding West Africa, Another World Adventures, and Barefoot Liberia have banded together to establish #UNITE4WESTAFRICA. Launched recently at the World Travel Market in London, the initiative will raise funds for Médicins Sans Frontières, as well as a number of hand selected grass roots organizations. These groups will support the economies of West Africa through the promotion of tourism, the arts and other industries.

Distribution map showing districts and cities reporting suspect cases of Ebola

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