What I like about Uganda – by Marlon Katsigazi

Marlon Katsigazi, a Ugandan expat who runs discoveringafricanetwork.com, wrote us this post. 

Chapati (a common delicacy in Uganda, eaten with ground turkey)

I am Ugandan, and I have fond memories of the country. One of the things I like about the country is the delicious food. For instance, the pineapples are so juicy and sweet. The best I have ever tasted. Hawaiian pineapples are good, but these are in another level. Other tasty fruits are the big mangoes, guavas and bananas.

Matooke, a common food in Uganda

On the topic of food, I have to mention matooke. Matooke goes well with beef stew, groundnut sauce, cabbages, greens {dodo/nakati}, fish, chicken and beans. In my household, on Sundays after church, we ate matooke with greens, cabbages, beef stew and chicken. For dessert we had the sweet pineapples.

One of my best childhood memories was going to Ndeija, my home village in Mbarara. Ndeija has a resplendent scenery. The green hills and clear skies were amazing to see every morning.

My parents at Bujagali Falls

Bujagali Falls

I also love the local music. Some international singers include, Samite and Watoto. Samite’s music is soothing, and Watoto is a group of young orphans, that sing inspirational music.

This song summarizes Uganda in a nutshell:

Hope you like what I have shared.

Marlon Katsigazi