Water School

Water is a basic need of human survival, but many have difficult access to clean, safe drinking water.

Water School is a registered charity that has a proven three-step process to improve health around the world:

1) Water disinfection. By putting it in clear plastic bottles out in the sun (whose UV rays cleanse it, details in Question #17 of their FAQ)

2) Sanitation. Keeping bodily waste away from living areas and avoiding contaminated water.

3) Hygiene. Basic hand-washing.

Their work in Uganda provided some solid results: up to 50% (or more) reductions in dysentery and diarrhea cases with 10-25% increase in school attendance.

With continued assistance, they’ll be able to continue helping everyone have access to clean water and a healthier life.

You can find out more about Water School at waterschool.com. Water School’s training materials are on their site.

  • Robert Dell

    Thank you for this Ron. Our Water School team is presently in Kenya and Uganda reviewing and updating our projects. We welcome people to our website and to visit our projects. Also, check out our annual Mt. Kili climb in Tanzania. Clean water for kids for life!
    Bob Dell, President, Water School