5 Pictures – 8/8/11

Here are 5 pictures from our Flickr group.

Have Africa pix? Get over to Flickr and post yours, maybe they’ll be in the next batch!

Himba girl – Namibia June 2011 – by Ferdinand Reus

Bush taxi – a very common means of transport in Madagascar – by Kasmeneo

Sand art – Dakar, Senegal – by Roni Weiss

Bokonzo Clinic Staff – Democratic Republic of the Congo – by Paul Carlson Partnership

At full stretch – South Africa – by clare.appleyard

  • Paul Carlson Partnership

    Thanks for using our picture! It is amazing what our African medical friends are able to do with limited resources. To learn how to help with medical needs in Congo, visit our website at http://www.paulcarlson.org. ~Paul Carlson Partnership